The lessons plan below is a very comprehensive and structured step-by-step programme consisting of 6 two-hour sessions. It is based on the methods and lesson plan I've always used but it is also based on the compulsory EDT modules.
This is as a guide of what I aim to cover but each one is varied to develop all aspects of driving.

Please keep in mind that each session is designed and structured to suit the learner's needs and ability but more lessons and/or practice may be required. I´ll teach how to reverse around a corner to the left or right but only when preparing the learner driver for the driving test.


First lesson for a beginner

Safety checks, cockpit drill, driving position (seat & steering wheel at correct position) adjustment of all mirrors, blind spots, operation of handbrake, gears, accelerator, clutch and brake, rev counter, biting point, and secondary controls: i.e indicators, lights, window wipers, windscreen wash, rear/ front demister,foglights and horn. Clutch control, stopping & starting quickly plus G-O-S-H - full move off from parked position. Steering technique explained and practiced if required. Driving in a straight line, use of mirrors & gears and stopping comfortably in each gear without a jolt.


Basic left and right turns at junctions
Left and right turns explained. Progress through the gears, scanning/reading the road, use of mirrors, position on the road, giving right of way and observation. Closed and open junctions explained in detail. Moving on to considering other traffic, anticipation of hazards, tight bends and clearance to parked cars and anything else that may have to deal with.


Hill start and City Centre
Hill start with useful tips explained and demonstrated plus how to park and move off from a hill (driving test manoeuvre) Driving on a long stretch into City Centre in traffic and introduction to traffic lights, road markings, road signs, anticipation of hazards/hazard perception, changing lanes and overtaking if required. It´s a good opportunity to practice stopping and starting and develops awareness of what is happening around as well as in front of you. (reaction to hazards)


Turnabout (3-point turn) & Roundabouts

Roundabouts explained in detail, i.e, taking all exits, position, observation, right of way, correct use of indicators and adjustment of speed on approach.
Explanation and demonstration of a turnabout manoeuvre. Clutch control exercise, observation, right of way to other traffic, spacial awareness, steering technique. The pupil will practice the turnabout until a competent standard is reached without prompt.


Parking at any suitable car-park nearby
If you cannot park competently, you cannot drive! You will need to learn how to park. Creating angles is the key to this lesson. Explanation and demonstration of how to park:

Driving into a car space with the front of the car
Reversing in to a car space in a straight line using clutch control
Reversing into a car space beside or between two parked cars.

LESSON 11+12

Turning right crossing other traffic
A major failure point of a driving test. Diagrams used to fully explain different kinds of junctions and traffic lights with or without filter lights. Dealing with turning right at major junctions or T-junctions, with or without box junctions, pedestrian crossings, creep and crawl where you cannot see, moving into the junction when it is clear, giving right of way to other traffic, dealing with traffic lights changing to amber and red, observation for pedestrians, position without "swan-necking" making correct progress at junctions, turning at junctions on hills when crossing other traffic.





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