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Nobody is born knowing how to drive; we all have to learn. It is true, though, that some people seem to pick it up more easily than others. Some people seem to have a natural driving ability and pass their test in no time; while others are much more nervous about the whole experience and it takes a while to build up their skills and confidence.

Don’t let your nervousness stop you from learning to drive!

Learning to drive is one of the most valuable and rewarding skills that you can achieve, so try to think past your initial nerves, and picture how you’ll feel when you pass your test and get your first car. The ability to drive gives you the freedom and independence to stop relying on others to drive you around, and it also opens up new employment opportunities.

Deciding to take driving lessons takes courage, and it’s perfectly okay if you don’t feel ready for the challenge at the age of 17. However, if you want to become a confident and competent driver it is highly recommended that you start learning to drive from a young age where possible. We typically pick things up more easily when we’re younger, and if you keep putting it off until you’re much older the nerves will continue to build up too.

Once you pass your theory test and you have your learner’s permit, you are ready to legally learn how to drive.

As a fully trained and approved driving instructor, I can offer nervous learner drivers the following:

  • Competitive prices, student discounts, and discounts for block bookings
  • A modern, comfortable, and spacious vehicle that is easy to drive
  • The ability to teach you to drive from a total beginner level right up to test standard
  • A reliable service and a high success rate
  • Knowledge of the test routes of your chosen test centre
  • The patience to teach you at a pace you’re comfortable with
  • I’m always just a phone call or email away if you have any questions

Safety First Driving School covers the whole of the Dublin area, so if you’re thinking of learning how to drive, please get in touch and I can discuss the options available to you.


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