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Refresher driving lessons are a great way to develop your current driving ability so you can confidently pass your driving test, or to give you the assurance you need to apply for, and pass, your practical driving test. They’re needed by a variety of people for different reasons, including people with full licenses and learners.

Almost anyone can benefit from refresher lessons

Driving is one of modern life’s most important skills, but everyday life can often get in the way of you passing your driving test. Refresher lessons are designed specifically for people who’ve had some experience driving, but need a little extra help to pass their practical driving test.

Even people who have a full driving license can benefit from refresher lessons for a variety reasons. They can even help you to break bad driving habits you’ve picked up in the years since you passed your test.

Refresher driving lessons are ideal for the following people who:

  • Are at an intermediate level, being able to drive from point A to point B, but lack confidence in certain aspects of their driving.
  • Have taken a break from their block of lessons for whatever reason, and are now looking to pass their driving test.
  • Are foreign nationals used to driving on the other side of the road, but hold a full driving license from their home country.
  • Are learner drivers with a permit from before 4th April 2011, but never received formal driving tuition or professional driving instructor.
  • Drivers with a full license yet haven’t driven in a significant amount of time, such as a decade due to travelling or illness.

At Safety First Driving School, we cover the entire Dublin area, so if you need refresher driving lessons to keep you up to speed, please contact us or phone 0861 955 381 to book now.


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