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Amesome Driving Lessons MAry
Thank you Ian David
Ian was so patient with me, thank you so much Pupil
Thank you Ian Shaun
The best driving instructor in Dublin Steven
fantastic... I am so happy Pupil
Thank you Ian, now I am driving confidently all around Dublin Tom
I did a two hour pre test with Ian. I found it extremely helpful. I drove and then he went through everything with me that he felt I could improve on. After my second drive I felt so much more relaxed. He was great at answering any questions I had. I felt confident and well prepared going into the test and it all worked in my favour as I passed! I would recommend him to anyone who is just starting out, needs a refresher or doing a pretest! Aimee Brennan 06-01-14
Dear Ian, I passed my driving test first time on 16/01/2014 at Raheny test centre. I just want to say thank you for your help, invaluable driving tips and your informative website driving videos. I really appreciate your time and efforts to make these videos which really helped me learn to drive in a correct way and passed my test. It has been very enjoyable learning experience with you. I like the way of Ian’s well structured teaching style; he set up goals for me at beginning of each lesson and explained theory behind it, then put into practice on the roads. All his advises and little tips of dealing different ramps; properly use the foot brake; driving through roundabouts and the use of yellow box junctions were really helpful. After completed my EDT lessons with Ian, my driving skills, confidence and knowledge of the roads had improved significantly. After I got my test date, I had 4 hours lessons with him to practice at Raheny test centre areas and 1 hour pre-test on the test day. He highlighted what I have done wrong and explained me how to do it correctly and I scored pretty well on the pre-test. Ian made me believe and gave the confidence that I will pass. Bingo!!! I made it. I would definitely recommend Ian to my friends. Dawei Zhang
You're a very brave man who likes a challenge! When I rang you on Monday the 1st of October & told you that I had my test in 5 days & that I had not driven in 7 years..... you didn't hang up the phone on me thankfully! You took on a very big challenge with extreme patience & helped me iron out my bad habits ...especially coasting. The 8 hours of lesson & 1 hour pre-test was all it took to give me the confidence to go get my test with only 2 grade 2 faults........for the first time ever I really enjoyed learning to drive & its all down to Ian. Thank you so much for all of your help! There is no way I could have got my test without you! Best instructor ever!! If you want to learn to drive properly then don't think twice ring Ian!!! Sinead Conroy



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