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It costs €85 to apply for a practical driving test for a Category B (car or light van) It is now quite expensive compared to the old price of €38. See the RSA website for prices for other vehicle categories. If you fail you driving test it means that you need to pay another €85 to re-apply and some driving test applicants fail again and again simply because of lack of preparation. If you continue to fail each time you could be spending nearly €500 on driving test applications alone.It will be cheaper in the long run for you to get a course of pre-test lessons before it from a qualified ADI instructor like myself. Time and time again driving test applicants fail the test or have to re-apply without even driving your car because: You are late for you test appointment or you don't turn up at all Your vehicle does not display a valid tax, insurance and/or an NCT disc Your vehicle is not road worthy: Warning light on the dashboard, i.e engine management (most common), airbag, oil, service, fuel reserve is low Heavy petrol fumes in the cabin Tyre threads are too low or not enough air in the tyres or the tyres are worn or cracked and not deemed to be roadworthy Front or rear indicators don't work Head restraints not fitted and faulty safety belts Any noise coming from the car that may suggest to the driver tester that the vehicle is not in road worthy condition. You keep changing the test centre so you are unfamiliar with the driving test route/zone so you don't know what to expect You continue to change your driving instructor so you are given similar but possibly difference advice and you're no unsure what to do in certain situations throughout the test. If you fail more than twice with the same instructor then maybe think about changing driving instructors. For more of the most common driving test failure points visit the "Test Sheet"page.

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