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Would you like a career as a driving instructor?

ADI training only available in category B at FINGLAS TEST CENTRE.

  • You have the patience and personality required to be a top driving instructor
  • You have the desire and passion to teach people to drive
  • You have the ability to highlight & rectify faults in driving test applicants
  • You have your driving licence for the category that you want to teach for a minimum of 2 years
  • You´re a person of good repute and never been convicted of a serious crime
  • You have necessary tax clearance as required as part of the process

    If all of the above relates to you well then all you have to do now is pass the 3-part ADI exams.

    STAGE 1 - THEORY TEST: COST €150 :

  • 100 questions over 5 sections of 20 questions each
  • Questions of all categories of vehicle
  • Study and preparation is key to success FIRST TIME

    STAGE 2 - DRIVING TEST: (1 long) COST €200:

  • Motorway and suburban driving
  • Conducted at Finglas test centre if you live in North Dublin
  • Maximum of only 5 faults can be recorded
  • 6 manoeuvres and hand signals
  • Manoeuvres: Turnabout, reverse around the corner to the left, reverse around the corner to the right, parallel parking and emergency stop
  • If you want to pass it first time you should do a course of pre-tests with myself where I can test your driving and advise you on what you need to practice and improve on to pass. 


    PART 1:Teach a new skill to a beginner and ability to instruct or develop it to a competent level in just 30 minutes. You must do this with the use of teaching aids and good communication skills and a friendly manner.

  • The Stage 3 marking sheet and how to manage your time effectively
  • The ADI examiner will provide you with a suitable location for the new skill
  • Use of demonstration and self assessment techniques
  • Study materials to help you to practice and check list for each scenario
  • All of the most common scenarios covered in 2-3 x 2 hour sessions in my driving school car
  • Effective communication skills and use of teaching aids is crucial to score highly
  • importance to include all sub skills plus lesson structure from beginning to end

    PART 2: Ability to assess and explain faults in a individuals driving or a driving test applicant. You´ll be given a scenario when you have to explain what they did wrong and how to improve the specific problem. You must also do this with the use of teaching aids and good communication skills and a friendly manner.

  • You will be given the scenario again by the ADi examiner for part 2 in the test centre
  • ADI examiner will ask you to repeat directions as you focus on driving ability
  • Main focus on faults highlighted by the ADI i.e faiure to react to hazards
  • Other faults will be made that you have to pick up on
  • Once you have noticed the driving mistakes, effective explanation must be given


    In order to pass all of the ADI exams without too many problems I suggest:

  • At least a week to study the theory test book in all categories as well as the study materials that I can provide you with. This will cover all of the different sections including questions on your instructional ability to help you to prepare properly to pass STAGE 1 
  • A mininum of at least 2-4 hrs to give you a full pre-test to assess your driving under the same conditions at Finglas test centre. If there are any major issues another 2 hours to rectify any faults that you may not be aware of in order to pass STAGE 2
  • A minimum of at least 2-3 two-hour sessions in my training car to prepare you to pass PART 1 AND PART 2 of STAGE 3. This is unless of course you already have a training car ready with dual controls fitted.

    THE ADI EXAMS COST that you pay the RSA is â‚¬550. You can successfully pass each stage of the ADI process for as little as â‚¬750 with my tuition and experience. A Total cost of just â‚¬1,300 to become a professional APPROVED driving instructor.


  • €50 For all 4 Resource study manuals for 1 week for STAGE 1
  • €50 For 1 study manual and driving test tips for 1 week for STAGE 2
  • €50 For 1 study manual with all scenarios for 1 week for STAGE 3

    THE €50 cost for the study materials is for rental only and acts as insurance in case the manuals are lost or damaged in your care. They must be returned in the same condition.

  • €50 PER HOUR for 2-4 hours for STAGE 2
  • €50 PER HOUR for 4-6 hours for STAGE 3
  • €100 for the car hire for STAGE 3 exam

    It all depends on your driving abilty as well as your communication skills and your ability to instruct. There are no guarantees but you will be well prepared to pass all 3 stages of the ADI process with SAFETY 1ST DRIVING SCHOOL!! DON´T DELAY AND CALL ME TODAY!!


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