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It costs €85 to apply for a practical driving test for a Category B vehicle (car or light van)
For all other categories, apply for your driving test at www.rsa.ie and select the category of vehicle to see the full list of prices.

I would advise anyone applying for the driving test to set the goal to pass it first time. This means taking a decent course of 5 or more pretest lessons from myself or another ADI instructor. So many driving test applicants fail the test not because they are bad drivers. They just havent been given the tips on how to pass by their instructor with a series of pretests. Your chances of passing a driving test are virtually 0% if you don't get your driving assessed along with plenty of practice in order to prepare. Would you do your entire Leaving Cert without any study? I doubt it if you want to do well and its the same case for the driving test.

I'll put it to you this way. If you continue to apply and fail 3 times or more, you've not spent €255 just on applying each time alone! if you apply the first time and did my pretest course of 5 hours at €160 plus €85 = €245!! REMEMBER that if you do my 5 HOUR PRETEST COURSE you also get access to the TEST ROUTES WITH MAPS FOR FINGLAS AND RAHENY. If you also practiced in between the month before your test, your chances are now above 90% to pass but I cannot guarantee you'll pass. You will save more money and heartache by doing it right the FIRST TIME!

A huge problem with driving test applicants is that each time they only maybe want to do 1 pretest before their test. Their faults are pointed out to them and then there is no time to fix their faults or bad habits in time. They go on to fail the test and some people will continue to change the test centre and continue to fail but still try different test centres or even worse, blame their instructor because they failed. This is actually a common problem so if you stick to the test centre that you know you will be more familiar with the area. Now you just need to find a PRETEST EXPERT like myself do enough preparation to develop your driving to test standard and PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE!!

Your driving test will not be conducted if and you will have to pay another €85 if:

You don't attend for your test
You arrive late for your test so make sure you're ready to be called by your driver tester at least 10 minutes before your test time
You don't have your learner permit or provisional licence with you

Must have L-plates properly displayed on the front and back of your vehicle
Has valid tax, insurance and NCT discs displayed if your vehicle is over 4 years old
Tyres are correctly inflated with enough air and the tyre threads are above 1.6mm and are not bald tyres
All indicators and brake lights (both brakes lights on the left and right) are in working order
Should not have ANY warning lights on the dashboard, ie engine management or airbag etc.
Must be roadworthy, i.e no smell of fuel in the car or strange noises from the wheels, engine or suspension etc.
Any other reason where the driver tester may deem your vehicle not roadworthy to carry out the driving test.

These are examples of checks you should make on your vehicle and licence before you attend for your driving test. You will get an email or letter relating to this when you receive your test date and all information is on the Road Safety Authority website at www.rsa.ie.

Contact me at 0861955381 to arrange your pretest lessons for Finglas or Raheny test centres.


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