There has been a long standing debate amongst driving  instructors when asked by our clients where to apply for their driving test or which test centre to apply to when they are ready to attempt the practical driving test. This information below may help.

First of all it all depends on what area you live and where you have been taught in the first place or which areas of North Dublin are you most familiar with. For example, you could live in Swords you could  apply for either test centre or if you lived in North Co Dublin, Finglas might be a better choice.

 There are definite differences in the 2 driving testing areas and I will try to list them for you based on my experience as I specialise in both.

In any test centre in any area of the country, there is a 7 mile radius where you could be asked to drive to make up a test route. For example, At RAHENY test centre, you could be in Artane, Clontarf, Edenmore. Harmonstown, Killester so you won't be just tested on the RAHENY area only.

FINGLAS has more routes with around 22 with RAHENY has about 15 test routes. See FINGLAS and RAHENY TEST ROUTES pages for more details.

FINGLAS has alot more  types of speed ramps to deal with than RAHENY.

FINGLAS has two types of Reverse around the corner that you might get, a wide reverse (less steering) or a sharper reverse (more steering required)

 RAHENY only has wider reverse around the corner so this part is easier.

Both FINGLAS and RAHENY have plenty of places where you might need to reverse up to 3 times on very narrow roads for the Turnabout so be ready in case you're only used to doing them in 3 turns.

Both FINGLAS and RAHENY have very tight narrow roads with lots of parked cars but RAHENY would have more than FINGLAS which means you have to read the road ahead very well.

Both FINGLAS and RAHENY have a selection of mini roundabouts but RAHENY would have a higher number to deal with.

FINGLAS would have more bigger roundabouts to deal with than RAHENY.

FINGLAS has alot more dual carriageways where you could be changing lanes so more possibility of getting marked against observation changing lanes for example.

There is no car park at RAHENY test centre where strangely enough you can pass your driving test without learning how to park your vehicle in a car park with lines. There is a car park in FINGLAS test centre.

Driver testers for all test centres should mark the same and watch out particularly for :observation, progress and driving too close to stationary vehicles. Some driver testers never use the GRADE 1 section on the marking system so beware of that.

If you asked any driving instructor, and certainly my opinion, it is definitely easier to pass your driving test in RAHENY than FINGLAS but if you know the FINGLAS area and even if you have failed I would advise you to keep to FINGLAS. That is unless you really want to try a different test centre then I can prepare you for RAHENY or vice versa.






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