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Did you know that if you failed a previous driving test and if you re-apply to the same driving test centre, you can avoid getting the same driver tester again by simply by ringing the RSA at: 1890406040 or email: [email protected]
You will need to give your full name and previous Reference Number with the location, date and time of your last driving test. This will guarantee that you will have a different driver tester to carry out your next test.


1. Nerves:
They cause you not drive at your best and have a significant effect on your decision-making. Try not to think too much about the test. Do your best and remember if you fail, you can always do it again!

2. Clutch:
If you have a bad "coasting" problem on the clutch you will have NO chance of passing the test. I will demonstrate and explain how to fix your bad habits on the clutch. 

3. Reverse around a corner:
Major failing point for alot of test candidates. I´ll show you a techniques how to do it and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

4. Observation:
Incorrect/ineffective observation moving off, turning right and left plus roundabouts, changing lanes,overtaking, and slowing down/stopping.

5. Reaction to Hazards:
Little or no anticipation or reacting late to a hazard or possible danger ahead i.e a speed ramps or pulling in for an oncoming car on a narrow road etc.

6. Position:
Incorrect position on the straight by driving too far to the right on the road. Too wide turning left or hitting a kerb. Cutting corners turning right or going too far before you turn i.e "swan-necking"

7. Progress:
Taking too long or lack of progress on the straight by driving too slow on the straign and particularly turning right at junctions and traffic lights.

8. Vehicle Controls:
Improper use of or not using accelerator, clutch, gears, footbrake, handbrake, secondary controls, effectively.

9. Clearance to stationary vehicles:
Not giving the "width of a door" clearance or driving unncessarily too close to parked vehicles. 

10. Traffic signs:
Failure to completetely "STOP" at a stop sign.

For more information & advice to prepare for your driving test


  • Book your pre-test lessons with me as soon as you get your test date
  • Aim for a minimum of 3-5 pre-test lessons to prepare properly
  • Read the RSA Rules of the Road book well in advance of your test
  • Don´t tell too many people you´re doing the test,
  • Don´t smoke in your car before your test
  • For female test applicants, don´t wear high heels or flip-flops
  • Wear sunglasses on sunny days for so you´re not blinded by the sun
  • Don´t forget your learner permit and legal L plates (front & back)
  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the test centre
  • In the waiting room no more than 10-15 minutes before your time
  • Use the toilet if you need to before you start
  • Turn off your mobile phone or don´t bring it with you
  • Have something to eat like breakfast or a light lunch for energy
  • Try to get a good night sleep the night before your test
  • Study your �Rules of the Road� questions and all road signs
  • Your car displays VALID tax, insurance & NCT disc if applicable
  • Your insurance disc has the light green strip on the left hand side
  • All indicators, front and back, and brake lights are in working order
  • Tyres are correct pressure, above 1.6mm with no rips, tears or bulges
  • Clear windows and mirrors with a cloth before & during the test
  • Use parking lights in dull overcast conditions
  • Use dipped headlights and wipers if quite dark and/or light/heavy rain
  • You know all 6 hand signals and do not mix them up
  • You can operate all of the secondary controls in your vehicle

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