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When learning to drive a long time ago I used to start my lesson at my instructor´s last client home before I got to start MY lesson and then I would finish at the next client´s home and they would start by bringing ME home!! Sound familiar?

If you´re a complete beginner would another person is sitting on the back seat make you more nervous? It made ME very nervous but I thought it was the same for everyone. You´re losing 15-20 minutes of your lesson!

This is CAR SHARING where the instructor gets more lessons in, and saves time and petrol at your expense!

This SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN but some driving instructors still do it! It´s unprofessional and unfair to the paid customer.

My Advice:

Make sure you don´t have to share your lesson with someone else even if your instructor insists on it.

With Safety 1st Driving School there is NO CAR SHARING and the only time there will ever be another passenger in the car at the same time as your lesson is, with your consent, when I am being check-tested every two years by the RSA. You´ll get the lesson free of charge in this case.


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