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N.B***please be aware that if you passed your theory test before April 4th 2011 but the issue date of your learner permit is on 4th of April 2011 or after you will have to do the 12 compulsory EDT modules before you can apply for your driving test.

For more information about EDT visit

Find below all the steps you need to take before you can begin to drive on Irish roads:

• Step 1: Apply for Driver Theory Test

Before you can apply for your Learner Permit, you must pass the theory test. I’d recommend studying the most up to date theory test book first & then use the CD for practice. The theory test CD-ROM doesn’t cover all of questions. Once you consistently pass the sample tests and then apply for your theory test at: or, or Ph:1890 606 106.

The theory test covers questions based on the following:

• The Rules of the Road
• Risk Perception
• Eco-Driving
• Hazard Awareness
• Good Driving Behaviour

A theory test certificate must be obtained before you can apply for your Learner Permit. You can apply for your theory test before your 17th birthday but it will not be valid until your birthday. 

• Step 2: Complete Eyesight Report - D502

This document certifies that your eyesight is adequate for driving, and is required for any change in eyesight for all permits and licences. You can download an Eyesight Report Form D502 (PDF 84Kb) HERE. 

You’ll need to arrange an appointment with a registered optician to conduct an eye test. He/she will then complete the form and stamp it for you. The certificate is then valid for one month.

• Step 3: Complete the Medical Report - D501

This document certifies that you are fit to drive. You can download a Medical Report Form D501 (PDF 482Kb) HERE.

You only need to complete a Medical Report D501 if:

• You are over 70 or will be 70 on the day your licence is issued
• You answer Yes to any of the medical questions on Application Form D201 below
• You require a licence for a category of vehicle other than an ordinary car

You’ll need to visit your GP. He/she will complete the form and stamp it for you.

• Step 4: Complete the Learner Permit Application Form D201

The Learner Permit Application Form D201 is available from your local motor tax offices, public libraries and Garda Stations.

• Step 5: Return all documentation to your local motor taxation office

Everything you need is on the application form:

• Complete all required sections of the application form and sign it
• Proof of your identity which can include: Birth Certificate, Passport or original certificate of registration from the Garda National Immigration Bureau.
• 2 identical recent passport type photos, signed on the back
• The €15.00 fee
• The eyesight report
• The medical report (if required)
• The Theory test Certificate

It is quicker to complete the application form at your local motor taxation office. If you are posting your application, do not include cash. You should receive it by post within 5-10 working days.

• Step 6: Postal of your Learner Permit

You will get your Learner Permit by post. When you get it you are now legally able to take driving lessons.

Remember: The theory test Certificate is only proof that you passed the theory test. You cannot legally learn to drive with this alone until you receive your learner permit.

• Step 7: Learn to drive

You are now eligible to take driving lessons in Ireland. Contact Safety 1st Driving School & arrange your course of driving lessons.

NOTE: If your learner permit was issued to you on or after 4th of April 2011, you must complete a full course of 12 EDT lessons with an RSA-ADI instructor before you can sit your practical driving test. 

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